How to: Select Winning Employees/Salespeople

Selecting and retaining good, effective employees is a challenge that companies face everyday. The process of choosing the right kinds of people begins with attracting qualified applicants. Upon applying, objective tools should be used in order to determine not only that the applicants are qualified, but that they have the mental and behavioral qualities that suit the position for which they are applying.

In this manual you will find the following information:

Applicant Management System: Selecting the 'best-fit' employees, staying EEOC and OFFCP Compliant, Job Tax Credits, Economical Efficiency

Nonverbal Behavior: Nonverbal cues, what they mean, and ways to respond

Understanding Behavior Using Body Type: Tendencies of various body types, personality traits, potential career paths

Testing and Assessments: Types of tests and assessments, what is they measure, how the results are presented, benchmarking

Legality of Job-Related Testing: Constitutional claims, Common Law claims, Supreme Court favors Testing

The Gold Standard- The Achiever Assessment: History of the Achiever, About the assessment, Personalized management summary report (with hire/no hire recommendation), Sample Achiever, The Achiever Interpretation Guide; outlining the various aspects of the assessment and meaning of the scores thereof.

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