Tax Credits Manual

While there are several ways for companies to increase income and cash; one of the most effective ways is by claiming Tax Credits for qualified hires on their taxes. Tax Credits offer employers the opportunity to grow cash for hiring applicants from 12 target groups. This manual presents relevant information on who qualifies for what tax credits, how to file, and when.

In this manual you will find the following information:

Work Opportunity Tax Credits: WOTC, a federal tax credit incentive that Congress provides businesses for hiring individuals from 12 target groups.

Empowerment Zone Program: An initiative that recognizes local communities, working together, can best identify and develop solutions to problems they face.

IRS FORMS: Outlines the various forms used to claim tax credits as well as the instructions thereto from

Applicant Management System: An AMS can automatically determine which applicants will qualify for tax credits by asking appropriate EEOC and OFFCP Compliant questions and the economical efficiency thereof.

The cost of this manual is just $65.00

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