Sales are critical to your organization, regardless of who is charged with making them! The development of people responsible for making sales is a requirement for ensuring that maximum return is realized from these invaluable assets.

CRI believes that the most effective individual sales development approach involves understanding how an individual's mental aptitudes and behavioral traits compare to the requirements of selling, how management views the development needs of the employee charged with selling, and tailoring a development program to specifically address the needs identified.

The CRI Approach
  1. Assess each participant with the Sales Achiever. The Sales Achiever measures six mental aptitudes and ten behavioral dimensions. The benefit of the Sales Achiever is that it provides an objective assessment of the individual in critical areas of salesmanship. The assessment results are then compared to the sales objectives to determine optimal areas for individual development.
  2. Corporate leadership provides goals and objectives for each individual and their opinion as to the development areas on which each employee should focus to advance sales performance.
  3. Based on the results of the Sales Achiever assessment and management's input, a development program is derived to specifically address the development needs of each participant enrolled in the program.
  4. CRI will communicate with each participant regarding the results of the Sales Achiever assessment, the development needs identified, and the development program selected. The development program will include self-paced training in CRI's online Basics of Selling Course which is composed of the following six lessons::
    1. Are You Prepared to Sell?
    2. Developing Rapport
    3. Establishing a Need or Desire
    4. Present Your Product or Service
    5. Expect to Deal with Objections
    6. Closing the Sale
  5. CRI will facilitate the enrollment of each participant into the respective courseware and monitor the individual's progress, providing reminders/help as needed. Participants will be required to answer questions at the end of each lesson and at the end of the course to validate satisfactory completion of the courseware and use of the course concepts in their selling processes. Reporting will be provided to management regarding completion status.
  6. Once the individual has completed the recommended development courseware, he or she will be re-assessed with the Sales Achiever to determine improvement. These results will also be communicated to the individual and management.

Each lesson is only $65.00 or get all 6 for $350.00 a savings of $40.00 over the individual price.
  • Lesson Number 1 - Are You Prepared to Sell?
  • Lesson Number 2 - Developing Rapport
  • Lesson Number 3 - Establishing a Need or Desire
  • Lesson Number 4 - Presenting Your Product or Service
  • Lesson Number 5 - Expect to Deal with Objections
  • Lesson Number 6 - Closing the Sale

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